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Board Minutes





Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Meeting called to order at 5:25pm.   All members were present, except for Bill Nussbaum and Jack DeCrescente.  Jesse Laird was also present.


Secretary’s and Treasurer’s Report 


Board accepted both the Secretary & Treasurer’s reports.   


Old and New Business


Duane explained what he was planning for the August 29th pizza party and the Board gave him carte blanche to decide what he felt would work best for all.  It was also agreed to serve the bottles of wine left from a previous party.

Director’s contract

The Vice-President, Leslie started explaining what the situation was insofar as her negotiations with Jesse and other Directors.  But Jesse immediately asked to be heard and said that he had reconsidered and had decided to accept the terms of the new contract he had been offered, as he wanted to continue working as the Director for QTs.   Leslie then explained what the terms were and agreed to prepare an open-ended contract - as suggested by Jack in previous conversations he had had with her – which would take effect as of Tuesday, 5 September 2017.  In brief, the terms of the contract would be that 1) Jesse would be the Principal Director, 2) he would be paid at the same rate as all other Directors, 3) he would receive a compensation of $50.00 a week for updating the Website (to be paid by check every month), sending out the weekly emails, enlisting the services of a Director when he would be absent; and 4) he would be responsible for coordinating all with the ACBL.   Since everyone seemed to be in agreement with these terms, Leslie put the motion to a vote and the members unanimously voted in favor.

QTs nominating Committee

The President informed the Board that 3 persons had been chosen to form the nominating committee, which he will be chairing: Paul Jacobson, Sy Karlin and Joanne Melville.   Leslie had approached a few members who might be interested in serving in the next Board, but so far had not been successful; she also took the opportunity to inform the Board that, due to her schedule –work and private life- she would not be serving on the Board after this term.


Dates for future events


QTs having its annual cruise in December, it was agreed that this year there would be no “Holiday Party” in December.  Following are the dates for parties agreed upon:

14 November 2017: Welcome Back Party;  

9 January 2018: Welcoming 2018; and

6 March 2018: QTs Anniversary Party.

It was also agreed that the General election for the new board members would take place at the Annual Meeting to be convened on 12 December 2017.


Leslie submitted some theatre information and it was agreed that Dale Jacobson would look into upcoming shows in Broward and would also try to co-ordinate with Ann Goldberg for a joint event between FTLBC and QTs.  Duane would look into what shows may be of interest in Miami.


Next Meeting


Next board meeting is Tuesday, September 12.


Meeting was adjourned at 6.15pm